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Did you know?

More than 110,000 schools in the U.S. still contain some form of asbestos.

Asbestos in Power Plants

Power Plant workers were exposed to asbestos through asbestos laced machinery and equipment including boilers, turbines, and generators lined with asbestos for protection from heat and fire are examples of asbestos-laced machinery. Power Plant workers may be at risk to develop asbestos diseases including malignant mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer.

Asbestos Exposure is Responsible for 90,000 Deaths Annually

Power Plant workers and electricians have been heavily exposed to asbestos on jobsites where there were steam pipes, boilers, high temperature refractory furnace linings, insulation steam pipes, smelters, and steel ovens and other products that were protected by asbestos.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Government have made regulations regarding the use of asbestos in power plants. However, due to the long latency period of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases, people are still getting sick with asbestos and mesothelioma cancer. Below is a list of power plants where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred.

Power Plant Listings


  • Barry Power Plant
  • Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant
  • Colbert Power Plant
  • Farley Nuclear Plant
  • Gaston Power Plant
  • Gorgas Power Plant
  • Greene County Power Plant
  • Miller Power Plant
  • Widows Creek Power Plant


  • Aurora Power
  • Beluga Power Station
  • Bernice Lake Powerhouse
  • Chugach Electric
  • Elmendorf AFB Powerhouse
  • Golden Valley Electric Power Plant
  • Matanuska Electric Association


  • Arizona Power Service (coal)
  • Arizona Power Service (nuclear)
  • Cochise Power Plant (coal)
  • Consolidated Edison (fossil)
  • Childs-Irving Power Plant
  • Cholla Power Plant
  • Irvington Power Plant
  • Ocotillo Power Plant
  • Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
  • Phillips-Dodge Copper
  • Saguaro Power Plant
  • West Phoenix Power Plant
  • Yucca Power Plant


  • Arkansas Nuclear One
  • Carl E. Baily Generating Station
  • Carl S. Whillock Hydroelectric
  • Clyde T. Ellis Hydroelectric
  • Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas
  • Flint Creek Power Plant
  • Independence Steam Electric Station
  • John L. McClellan Generating Station
  • Thomas B. Fitzhugh Generating Station
  • White Bluff Steam Electric Station


  • Broadway Power Plant
  • Diablo Canyon Power Plant
  • Los Angeles County Water and Electric
  • Ormond Beach Power Plant
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Power Plant
  • P.G.E. Power Plant
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (nuclear)
  • Southern California Edison
  • San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station


  • Arapahoe
  • Cameo
  • Cherokee
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant -Craig
  • Comanche
  • Craig
  • Fort St. Vrain
  • Hayden
  • Martin Drake
  • Nucla
  • Pawnee
  • Rawhide
  • Ray D. Nixon
  • Valmont
  • Zuni


  • Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Plant
  • Millstone Nuclear Power Station


  • Anclote Power Plant
  • Bartow Power Plant
  • Big Bend Power Plant
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Cape C. Fort Pierce Municipal Power Plant
  • Crist Power Plant
  • Crystal River
  • Fort Myers
  • Gannon Power Plant
  • Hookers Power Plant
  • Sholz Power Plant
  • Smith Power Plant
  • St. Lucie Nulcear Power Plant
  • Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant


  • Bowen Power Plant
  • Kraft Power Plant
  • Scherer Power Plant
  • Vogtle Plant


  • Baldwin Power Plant
  • Braidwood
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant - Baldwin
  • Clinton Power Plant
  • Dresden Power Plant
  • LaSalle
  • Quad Cities
  • Zion Plant


  • Cayuga Power Plant
  • Ciffity Creek Power Plant - Madison
  • F.B. Culley
  • Gallagher
  • Tanner's Creek


  • Coal-Fired Power Plant - Lansing
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant at Onawa
  • Duane Arnold Alliant Energy
  • Alliant Power Stack
  • Iowa Power and Light
  • Iowa Public Power Coal-Fired Plants - Council Bluffs
  • Salix Power Plant
  • Sioux City Coal and Gas
  • Tipton Power Plant


  • St. Mary's Coal-Fired Plant
  • Wolf Creek Operating Co.


  • Paradise Power Plant


  • Cajun Electric
  • Little Gypsy Power Plant
  • R.S. Nelson Station Powerhouse
  • River Bend Power Plant
  • Waterford Nuclear Power Plant


  • Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant


  • Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant


  • Sithe's Mystic Station Power Plant
  • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant


  • Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant
  • Palisades Nuclear Power Plant


  • Big Stone Lake Plant
  • Hoot Lake Plant
  • Monticello Nuclear Power Plant
  • Prairie Island


  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant


  • Callaway Nuclear Power Plant


  • Coal-Fired Power Plant - Colstrip
  • Colstrip Power Plant
  • J.E. Corrette Steam Plant
  • Lewis & Clark Power Plant
  • Montana Power Company
  • Missoula Electric Cooperative


  • Canaday Station
  • Cooper Nuclear Power Plant
  • Cumming County Public Power
  • Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant
  • Gerald Gentleman Station
  • Hallam Nuclear Power Facility
  • Nuclear Power Plant - Brownsville
  • Omaha Public Power
  • Sheldon Station (Nebraska Public Power District)


  • Beowawe Power Plant
  • Brady Power Plant
  • Caithness Power Plant
  • Clark Station
  • Desert Peak Power Plant
  • Dixie Valley Power Plant
  • Empire Farms Power Plant
  • Fort Churchill Generating Station
  • Harry Allen Station
  • Intermountain (Nevada) Power
  • Mojave Steam Generating Plant
  • Piñon Pine Power Project
  • Reid Gardner Station
  • Soda Lake I & II
  • Steamboat Power Plants
  • Sunrise Station
  • Tracy Generating Station
  • Valmy Power Plant
  • Wabuska

New Hampshire

  • Dover Gas Plant
  • Exeter Gas Plant
  • Merrimack Power Plant
  • Newington Plant
  • Schiller Station
  • Seabrook Nuclear Power Station

New Jersey

  • Hope Creek
  • Oyster Creek
  • Salem

New Mexico

  • Arizona Power Service (coal) - San Juan
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant - Grant
  • San Juan Coal-Fired Power Plant (Arizona Public Power Services)
  • Four Corners Power Plant

New York

  • Charles Poletti Power Project
  • Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant
  • Flynn Power Plant
  • Ginna Power Plant
  • Indian Point 2
  • Nine Mile Point Power Plant

North Carolina

  • Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant
  • McGuire Nuclear Power Plant
  • Shearon Harris

North Dakota

  • Coyote Station


  • Beckjord Power Plant
  • Cardinal Power Plant
  • Conesville Power Plant
  • Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant
  • Muskingum River Power Plant
  • Perry Nuclear Power Plant
  • Sammis Power Plant
  • Wabash River Power Plant


  • Ponca City Power Plant


  • Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Power Plant
  • Ogden Martin Solid Waste to Energy Plant
  • P.G.E. Booster Station - Warm Springs
  • P.G.E Power Plant - (All)
  • Portland Power & Light
  • Trojan Nuclear Power Plant - Goble
  • Warm Springs Power Plant


  • Beaver Valley Power Plant
  • Limerick Nuclear Power Plant
  • Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant
  • Susquehanna Power Plant
  • Three Mile Island

Rhode Island

  • United Nuclear Corporation

South Carolina

  • Catawba Nuclear Power Plant
  • Oconee Nuclear Power Plant
  • VC Summer Power Plant

South Dakota

  • Big Stone Power Plant
  • Pathfinder Power Plant


  • Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant


  • Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant
  • Oklaunion Station
  • Pirkey Power Plant
  • South Texas Project Electric Generating Station


  • Intermountain Power - Delta


  • Vermont Yanke Nuclear Power Plant


  • Hopewell Plant
  • North Anna Nuclear Power Plant
  • Surry Nuclear Power Plant


  • FFTF Nuclear Power Plant
  • Hanford Nuclear Facility - Richland
  • Hanford Nuclear Power Plant - Hanford
  • Tacoma Municiple (hogged fuel)
  • Washington Nuclear Project 2
  • Washington Public Power Plant
  • Washington Public Power Plant (nuclear)
  • Time Oil (U.S. Oil)
  • UNOCAL Chemical Plant


  • Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant
  • Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant


  • Coal-Fired Power Plant - Gillette
  • Coal-Fired Power Plant - Green River
  • Colorado-Ute Power (coal) - Casper
  • Dave Johnson Coal-Fired Power Plant
  • Jim Bridger Power Plant
  • Allied Chemical (soda ash) Plant

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